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February 12, 2009

We’ve combined all of our Red Apple Apartments blogs into one super blog! Now you can keep track of all our company news as well as travel tips and stories for all the cities we service. Please visit us at and don’t forget to update any bookmarks you may have.


How to Photograph Your Apartment

December 17, 2008

Great photographs of your apartment will often lead a potential tenant to choose your apartment over another rental. Especially when you are trying to rent out property over the internet, photographs prove that the space is a real apartment and not an internet scam. But more than that, good photographs will prove that the apartment is also a livable home and serve as a warm invitation.

But interior spaces are some of the most difficult subjects to photograph and when you are photographing your apartment you will be facing a subject that can feel “empty” or “lifeless.” Here are a few tips to combat a lifeless photo and help you welcome tenants over the internet into your home.

Setting the Scene:
The first step is to clean the apartment. Clean everything. Make your bed, straighten the rugs and curtains, put away the magazines, hide the garbage can, and put the toilet seat down. You might even have to put away things that aren’t usually put away. Less is more when it comes to décor to help a room not appear “cluttered” in a photo. On the other hand, the apartment should seem like someone lives there, not totally empty, so set the kitchen table or put a vase of flowers on the nightstand.

Lighting the Scene:
Most cameras are designed to take photos outdoors and indoor spaces are just too dark to look good. Natural light from outside is best, but cameras are attracted to bright windows like moths to flames and everything else in the room will be darkened. Try to let the light in through the window without actually having the window in the shot. Don’t use the flash, unless you have a good flash that you can bounce off a wall or ceiling (if you don’t know what this means, don’t use your flash). Turn on every lamp in the room for a nice warm glow, but by all means, avoid fluorescent lighting, which can cast an alien green light in photos or make your apartment look like a hospital.

What to Shoot:
Everything. The more the merrier. You can always delete the ones that don’t look good or you can send them all to us and we will pick out the best photos of your apartment for the website. Shoot every room in your house. Take close ups of your best pieces of furniture and decorative art. Small architectural details or decorations may seem insignificant but can help represent the design style of the apartment. If you have a great view, photograph it. Great sunsets? Photograph one. If your apartment is in a historic building, photograph the exterior as well.

How to Shoot:
Steadying your camera is crucial. Even if you set the perfect scene and light it well, a blurry photo is useless. If you have a tripod, use it. If you don’t, try to rest the camera on a table or flat surface or steady your hand against the wall. Most basic cameras don’t have a wide enough lens to capture an entire room, so you’ll have to back into a corner or shoot a room through a doorway. Try the room from many different angles and all corners and doorways. Don’t always take the photos from eye level. Crouch down or stand on a stool for different perspectives, but try to have as little of the ceiling in the shot as possible.

Let the Room Be the Star:
People like to rent an apartment that is empty—that is, without other people living there, so photograph your apartment without yourself or your family members in the shot. Watch out for mirrors! A self-portrait of you with a camera in the bathroom mirror won’t help sell your apartment.

To Summarize:
• Clean the apartment
• Add a few small decorative touches
• Shoot during the day when it’s bright, but not too sunny
• Photograph every room
• Take lots of photos and choose the best

If you want to list your apartment with Red Apple Apartments, follow the above advice and send your beautiful apartment photographs to We’ll get back to you right away and hopefully you’ll have tenants in no time at all.

Check Out Our City Guide

December 1, 2008

At Red Apple Apartments we pride ourselves on our service and we do everything we can to make your stay in our apartment and your entire visit to Stockholm as comfortable and relaxing as possible. While we want you to feel at home in our accommodation, we also recognize that you might want to get out and do some sightseeing during your stay. So if you decide to leave the comfort of your apartment, we have created a city guide to help you plan your excursions.

The guide has information on city history, local cultural attractions, recreational activities, day trips around the area, and general dining, shopping and transportation information. Everything is on our website so you can plan ahead or decide on something to do once you get to your apartment (all of our properties include internet access).

Check out our city guide to Stockholm or learn about any of our other destinations and pack your bags!

About Copenhagen

About Helsinki

About Oslo

About Reykjavik

Cruise Between Stockholm and Helsinki and Stay with Red Apple Apartments

November 26, 2008

The region’s first snowfall has been interrupting flights all over Scandinavia and the Baltic region this week, delaying journeys and leaving passengers grumbling in airports for hours. Meanwhile, travelers cruising between Stockholm and Helsinki and other ports in the Baltic are staying warm and happy aboard luxury ferries chugging along the popular sea routes. Ship travel is very popular in the Baltic and offers a year-round option for experiencing Scandinavia’s nautical history and culture.

Every day of the year ferries leave Stockholm for Helsinki and vice versa, departing in the afternoon and giving passengers time to watch the sunset over out-lying islands before they head inside to warm up and gorge themselves on exhaustive buffets (all you can eat and drink!). The ferries deliver their contented cargo by morning, and roundtrip passengers spend the day exploring either Stockholm or Helsinki before heading back in the late afternoon. One-way passengers can stay as long as they like exploring a new destination before heading back or heading home.

Ferry cruises are a great way to get a quick overview of the region or a sneak peak of another Nordic capital city. Red Apple Apartments has accommodation options in both Stockholm and Helsinki and if you contact us we can help you book a comfortable apartment or a stylish studio hotel room on both sides of your cruise with easy transportation to and from the city ports.

For ferry schedules and prices, check out: Viking Line or Tallink Silja Line.

You can choose from our selection of apartments in Stockholm and Helsinki at our website

New Red Apple Apartments in New Red Apple Cities

November 19, 2008

You may have noticed that our home page is getting crowded with flags. That’s because Red Apple Apartments is now represented in all of the Nordic countries with new apartments recently listed in Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo. We are excited to be serving these important capitals. Each Scandinavian capital offers history, art and nature in abundance and our apartments are always located either right in the heart of the city center or with easy access to city attractions and amenities.

Our lists are also growing longer in Copenhagen and Reykjavik with several new apartments added to these established cities.

We’re excited to continue to find affordable luxurious apartments in these five dynamic cities. Check the website often for new arrivals as many of our apartments are being booked as soon as they are listed. And if you are an apartment owner in one of these cities, please contact us at if you want to see your property listed on our website.

Red Apple Apartments in the Guardian

October 30, 2008

Sunday’s edition of the U.K.’s Observer featured an article about an “Instant Weekend” to Reykjavik, and as proof that Red Apple Apartments is becoming a household name in Reykjavik accommodation, the article recommends us for finding an affordable and comfortable place to stay in Iceland’s capital. Of course this is no surprise to anyone who has already stayed in one of our apartments in Reykjavik or Copenhagen, but now you don’t have to take our word for it…a trusted name in travel journalism has spoken!

If you want to take the Observer’s advice and make a spontaneous visit to Reykjavik, please check out our list of apartments in Reykjavik at or contact us at and we’ll help you find a place to call home for the weekend…or longer if you fall in love with Iceland.

The Faces Behind Red Apple

October 30, 2008

As an international company, we have an international staff and each of us brings our culture, experience and talents to Red Apple Apartments to make it a truly global company ready to serve customers all over the world. We currently have staff in four different countries and today we’d like to introduce you to our management team, located in Sweden.

Ragnar Saevarsson
Managing Director

Ragnar is co-founder of Red Apple Apartments. He holds Master’s degrees in Entrepreneurship and International Marketing & Brand Management from Lund University in Sweden. He held several management positions in sales and marketing before starting Red Apple Apartments. He is at home in the virtual world of the internet and has a keen eye for design. He speaks fluent English and has a good grasp of Danish and Swedish. Ragnar is well-traveled and places an importance on health, fitness and recreation in his life. He has two children and lives with his wife, Sesselía Birgisdóttir, in Lund, Sweden.

Sesselía Birgisdóttir
Marketing Director

Sesselía is co-founder of Red Apple Apartments. She has two Master’s degrees—International Marketing & Brand Management and Managing People, Knowledge & Change—from Lund University in Sweden. She worked for many years in the publishing industry in marketing and sales and brings her creative skills to Red Apple Apartments, where she also exercises her talents in public relations. She lives in Sweden with her husband, Ragnar Saevarsson, and has a daughter and stepson. She divides her time between work, family and travel—sometimes doing all three at once. She speaks fluent English and Icelandic and some Swedish and Faroese. She has made several attempts to learn Spanish and has sincere hopes to get it down one day.

Jennifer Pemberton
Communications Manager

Jennifer is from the United States and holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. She has taught writing and literature to university students in the U.S. and China and serves as our web editor and writer, among her many tasks at Red Apple. She has worked as an editor for university publications, a history magazine, and an expedition travel company. Her work as a travel writer has taken her to the Antarctic and Shanghai, where she worked on writing an online travel guide to China. She has recently moved to Sweden, where her husband is a Master’s student at Lund University. She is passionate about travel and the outdoors and is an avid camper and backpacker. She speaks English fluently and knows the language intimately. She also knows some basic Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, and she can say hello and thank you in at least 15 other languages.

Lyazzat Salikova
Customer Relations Manager

Lyazzat has a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Lund University in Sweden and her business ideas and customer relations skills are valued at Red Apple Apartments. Originally from Kazakhstan, her knowledge of the global community comes from working for the United Nations and several U.S. government development agencies. She has lived in the U.K., Germany and Indonesia and her passion for travel has taken her to over 30 other countries. She is fluent in Russian, English and Kazakh and picked up quite a bit of German. Her Russian enables her to understand many Slavic languages and she hopes to add Swedish to her list soon. She lives in Sweden and, when she’s not touring Europe on the back of her husband’s Harley, she enjoys the comforts of home—reading, cooking and relaxing.

Travelling with a laptop

August 7, 2008

Is your laptop computer your ‘office’ or an indispensable tool on which you depend for a living?

Travelling with a laptop

Travelling with a laptop

Is your laptop just a faithful companion, and you decide travelling ‘together’ to Stockholm? There are some things you should know in order to protect and use it properly. Take a look on our advises!

Before your departure for Stockholm, we would suggest preparing your laptop computer for the future challenges. If your plan is to have Internet access, you have to check if the security updates and a firewall are installed, so as to prevent intrusions from other computers that are using the Internet. If you need your files fully protected, our recommendation is to encode them or to transfer them to a portable CD. Why not try this for encoding your files?

If you’ll fly to Stockholm in economy class and you’re planning to use your computer for a long time, we would say it’s good bringing a second battery. That is not necessary if you’re flying in first or business class, where your seat has a power outlet. Check this to see which are the airlines providing seats with power outlets for laptops, go to.

Before leaving for Stockholm, you should know that is possible to need a plug adapter to accommodate the type of electrical plug used at your hotel. We would recommend a careful reading of the labels on your power adaptor.

If your looking for a place to go online, there are lot of WiFi hotspots around the city. Most coffee houses have WiFi, if you have problems finding one you can ask just around.

Being aware of these common threats and preventing them, you can stay connected on your trip Stockholm as long as you need to.

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We will offer apartments in Stockholm shortly!

July 21, 2008
Apartments in Stockholm

Apartments in Stockholm

We are working hard these days to find self-catering apartments, serviced apartments and hotel apartments in Stockholm to offer our customers.

If you are an apartment owner or apartment manager and are intersted in working with us in Stockholm please contact us by sending an email to or by simply call the telephone numbers listed on our website If you send us an email, please remember to include pictures of the apartment(s) as it will speed up the process of listing.